Work in progress. please visit our Github for the latest buildscripts
Its better if you look at buildroot if you look for a somewhat or fully automated linux to be build for various targets that have busybox and or other programs.
if you seek to learn more about linux, or want full control on how and what to compile in your custom Linux build, look here: linux from scratch

still here, great. Your looking to get a small, very small and clunky linux to run and prefer to thinker on my code. either git clone the above mentioned repo or download a prebuild file below
to start the cd, type:

qemu-system-x86_64 -m 2G -cdrom boot.iso

For more commands, tricks, tool usage, look at the git readme

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Dec 21, 2023 - 0.2.0

This 6.6.8 kernel based release is almost ready for what I want this project to be. More releases and more types of files may popup later.

Is this production worthy? this whole project is not. I consider these builds ready as far as this whole project is. Take a good look at this projects sources before production use.

Mar 13, 2021 - 0.1.0

This is an early release of a working kernel, initramfs and optional bootiso as created by the source scripts.
The initramfs for now contains all optional extra packages.

Musl native compiler set
A demo kernel module "hello"
Dropbear (no preexisting keys)

For this early release, only x86_64 is supported.
The iso contains the kernel and same initramfs

Reminder, latest code to build latest kernel + busybox is at https://github.com/CodeAsm/teeny-linux or https://gitlab.com/CodeAsm/teeny-linux


It started when I (Nico also known as CodeAsm) wanted a small linux to try things with inside qemu on Mitchel Allen Humpherys work and blog post (2012, 2015 and later a 2021 docker image).
a sort of fork started to emerge and TeenyLinux was started.
First a simple script and later a suite of tools to build a small linux system that would in theory work on multiple arch and various memory footprints

The main maintainer at the moment is:
Nico Vijlbrief www.codeasm.com

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